Mulch Film and Green House Film

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  1. LDPE Mulch Film

    LDPE Mulch Film is mainly used to control the bed temperature and increase the fumigation efficiency in greenhouse plants. It is also used to laminate furniture and can be applied to stainless steel, aluminum, copper, or brass. The film is very easy to apply and remove and there is no adhesive residue left after removal. It protects furniture during various stages such as drawing, stamping, bending, cutting, roll forming, storing and transportation.
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  2. LDPE Green House Film

    LDPE Green House Film is made up of low-density polyethylene material which has a good moisture retention property. It is widely used in greenhouses for different purposes including warming the soil, preventing the leaching of nutrients, and conserving the moisture. The film keeps the weed under control and also allows the plants to receive an even distribution of light during the day. It contains sulfur resistance UV stabilizers with minimum blocking and anti-dust additives.
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  3. Mulching Film

    Mulching Film allows us to remove undesired weeds without using herbicides. It blocks sunlight from reaching the soil around the plant and prevents the appearance of weeds. The film limits the evaporation of water, thus the moisture is retained in the soil and less water is required for irrigation. It prevents the direct contact of plants with the soil and helps to get clean yields. The film acts as a barrier to keeping the methyl bromide from fuming and prevents ozone depletion.
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  4. White Greenhouse Film

    White Greenhouse Film is widely used in greenhouse and agriculture industries. It has a strong adhering capacity and can be used by hands or tools. The film is resistant to UV, IR, and heat and its anti-dust property help the light to transmit properly. It is very strong and has a very high tear and flex crack resistance. There is very low refracted light transmission by the droplets because of the anti-drip effect which does not allow the condensation of water droplets on the film.
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  5. Greenhouse Film

    Green House Film is used to increase and secure the yield by protecting the vegetables from the effect of frost, wind, and rain. The film has a good light transmission and less light diffusion. It prevents an excess of water from going into the soil and thus minimizes the loss of nutrients through leaching. The film also prevents crops or plants from rotting because the mud from irrigation is not splashed on the crops.
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