Multilayer LDPE Packaging Film

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  1. Multilayer LDPE Packaging Film

    Multilayer LDPE Packaging Film is made by combining two or more thermoplastics (polymers) to form one homogenous film with different individual layers. It can be used to pack different items such as beverages, edible oil, snack foods, cosmetics, dairy products, toiletries, pharmaceuticals, and other food commodities. The internal film layer is made of high-pressure polythene which ensures high strength. The intermediate layer provides high mechanical strength to the film and the external film layer ensures ideal in an automatic packaging machine.
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  2. LD Lamination Film

    LD Lamination Film is used for packing of different products such as Flour, Snacks, automobile spare parts, and pharmaceutical products. It is available in a variety of configurations, including several types of sealing layers, and anti-fog properties. The film protects the food against oxygen and moisture, and it is clear and transparent, unlike aluminum film. It has a smooth texture and excellent finish and comes in different colors, sizes, and thickness.
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  3. Multilayer Packaging Film

    Multilayer Packaging Film protects the packaged products while transmission and also from environmental damages. The film can be formed through various processes including melting thermoplastic, solution deposition, skiving, extrusion coating, and calendar rolling. The various materials from which the film can be formed are polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, nylon, and PVC. It can be modified to make metalized films by physical vapor deposition. The film has medical uses too when premature babies are wrapped in immediately after birth.
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  4. Printed Multilayer LDPE Packaging Film

    Printed Multilayer LDPE Packaging Film is used in food processing, beverage, textile, pharmaceutical and other industries.It has a good appearance and a quality resistance to air and is damp-proof and light-proof. The film is made from LDPE co-extruded multilayer that makes it easy to write with regular ballpoint pen or permanent marker. It is tempered and water-proof which allows us to pack anything such as clothing, consumer durables, and documents.
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